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ACES is a robust fully immersed simulator designed specifically for call centers.  With ACES, you can build realistic scenarios so agents can practice both data entry and conversations simultaneously.

ACES Call Center Simulator

Mobi-RolePlay simulated conversation tools are available in 40 languages. A secure cloud-based dashboard lets managers easily assign custom role plays and monitor performance. Mobile role plays have significantly reduced training costs for our clients.


It’s easy to add Mobi-RolePlay to your sales channel strategy. Simply click into the administrative dashboard to make sure your partners employees are trained to best position your products and services.

“We enjoy the creative energy of the Knowledgeshift staff. Projects are always done on time, within budget, and with flare.  They know how to tackle cutting edge technology.”
Laura Register, Executive Director, careLearning
"Mobi-RolePlay helped us manage a high volume of new hires. The result = a better prepared and more confident team to hit the sales floor running."
John Moxley, Cricket Communications
"Mobi-RolePlay has become a vital reinforcement asset in our process. managers embrace the added visibility and coaching opportunities the tools provide..."
Mike Scher, CEO, Frontline Selling
"By setting up simulated sales situations in Mobi-RolePlay, our sales managers can get a realistic view of how their reps are interacting and immediately address any concerns."
HP Program Manager, Hewlett Packard