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blabHave you heard of Blab? The new live streaming platform that allows you to host your own online video show. You can view my recorded session below. I was checking it out to see if it could be used for training. I think there are some pros can cons. I was fortunate enough to have two strangers jump in and join me so that was fun! One was a geologist from El Salvador #geoxarli who was new to Blag as well. He seeks out volcanoes. I told him not to bother with coming to Chicago where I live. The other person was #ERJServices she was checking it out to see if she could use this format for a live session for CPA’s and giving tax advice.

Here is my list of pros and cons


  • Free
    Open to a variety of attendees
    Records show for free
    Allows for collaborative discussions
    Host has control
    Ties to social media easily
    Shows a map of where people are located globally while you are in your session
    Helps build your social media connections
    Will publish recording to YouTube (not sure where it went though)


  • I couldn’t tell how to join a session I had previously scheduled so just joined a new session live
    Took me three times to get into my own session
    Not private, from what I can tell you can’t restrict who enters your session. You can restrict who you make as a co-host
    Can’t share your desktop or other applications on your computer

All in all I think this is a great alternative to Periscope or Google Hangouts