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For those of you out there who utter the words – OK Google, or Siri call home and my favorite Alexa play Jeopardy.  Chat bots, some of which are Voice Assistants may be the next killer app.  In a recent article by John Brandon in Venture Beat, he wrote about test driving the Kia Niro which comes with a very helpful chat bot who informed him of fuel usage, horsepower which you might expect.  When asking him about the type of phone he had to use in the car, the chat bot pointed out he could charge his Galaxy S 7 from the charging pad vs. USB – Ok that’s pretty cool now the chat bot is giving us tips based upon the devices we are using.

As someone who’s been involved in voice enablement and IVR technology, I can see where the chat bots combined with AI will enable a multitude of education and adult learning applications.  Kuty Shalev of Clevertechchatbot points out that applications like Watson are already being used by companies like Wal-Mart to assist 1000’s of employees access training materials and how to locate them when needed.  Now take that a step further and have the chat bot follow up with them to see if the information they retrieved helped them complete a task.

Another use would be to prompt employees to answer mini refresher questions.  When you have to verbalize a response, it triggers a deeper cognitive level in the brain vs. just checking a box or responding to a text survey question.  Collecting voice data can be used in other ways as well.  Emotion analytics can help you analyze how employees feel, while interacting with a chat bot.  Are employees engaged, frustrated, low energy — these technologies exist today and can provide a tangible measurement on what used to be more subjective metrics in the workplace.