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With all of the news around chat bots and AI most of us still communicate with real humans the majority of the time.  I like to call these “Verbal Transactions”.  In a recent article published by The Guardian   examines how trustworthy our voices may sound.  Higher pitched voices tend to be less trustworthy than others as well as people who speak fast.

This has also been confirmed in a study conducted by the University of Glasgow studying several verbal recordings and then asking people to assess their personality characteristics from as little a one word.

KnowledgeShift utilizes technology to measure this in our conversation simulators but if you don’t have a voice that naturally sounds trustworthy or conveys the right message can you change it?

Lesson one in Vocal Dexterity is to just simply speak slower.  This vocal characteristic is the first thing humans and voice analytics technology can measure.  If someone is speaking slower, it will give the listener the impression that they are confident and more knowledgeable in what you are talking about.  Secondly, speak in the lower register of your vocal range.

Another way to think about this is just listen to music.  When instruments or singers are using the high range of the instrument, you feel excited or charged up.  When they use the lower range of the instrument your feel more calm or there is a sense of seriousness to the music.

Your Vocal Dexterity can be leveraged in various professional situations.  When you want to be perceived as an authority on a topic, practice speaking slower and in the lower range of your voice — Not like Ted Baxter in the Mary Tyler More Show, but you get my point.

If you are trying to rally the troops or pump up the room with energy use the higher register of your voice speak a little faster and build the momentum — but not for too long.  If you speak like this all the time, people will begin to feel exhausted.  Too much energy will be perceived as fake and insincere.

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