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About KnowledgeShift

KnowledgeShift creates voice enablement solutions to solve today’s complex business challenges. Its proprietary tools are used for training, marketing, data capture, and emotion analytics. Available in 40 languages, the technology is used globally by Fortune 500 and smaller companies alike. Mobi-RolePlay™ is a simulated conversation tool for building custom automated role plays for training, marketing, and leadership development. Users conduct the role play from any phone and interact with a pre-recorded character. Each call is recorded, translated to text and scored to provide immediate feedback. An administrative online dashboard gives managers control to assign role plays, access audio and text files, and easily view both collective and individual results.

EmotiMeter™ , can be used as a standalone tool or in conjunction with Mobi-RolePlay™. It analyzes vocal energy at various stages of the audio file to detect the emotions that make up your voice personality. This data can be highly useful in helping determine how your verbal conversations are internally being received by others.

ACES™ (Accelerated Call-Center Employee Simulator) builds realistic simulations of both on-screen data entry and agent conversations with your customers. These custom call center simulations can measure all your KPI and track emotion analytics from the agent’s voice.

Another of KnowledgeShift’s voice enablement tools is TALK2CRM™ . Through mobile phone and text interfaces, it that streamlines record updating for sales teams using CRMs like Salesforce.com, Sugar, and Microsoft Dynamics. It uses voice prompts and speech-to-text technology to map real-time data into the CRM fields for more accurate and timely reporting.

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