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ACES -Call Center Simulator

ACES (accelerated call-center employee simulation) is the most comprehensive holistic approach for your call center training.  ACES builds realistic simulations of both on screen data entry and agent conversations with your customers.

ACES takes your call center KPIs and builds them directly into the simulator.  As a manager, you can quickly see and hear if the agent is meeting your quality standards. For example,


  • How long does it take them to pull up the customer account screen?
  • What information do they ask the customer to provide?
  • Do they properly greet the customer?
  • When they pull up the account record, did they ask for the proper follow up information?
  • How quickly do they get to a resolution of the call?
  • Are they entering the right data in the right sequence?
  • Can they conduct proper follow up steps to ensure the operations side of the business has the right information it needs to manage the customer?

ACES reduces the agent’s training time  and builds their confidence level to improve the quality of their performance when they begin interacting with live customers.

 View this video for a sample of an agent contacting a customer to collect on a past due bill.

Click here to view video of research study conducted by Georgia Institute of Technology comparing simulations to traditional training.