Amazing Use of iPad – What’s up My Sleeve?

By nmunro
May 4, 2012 12:36 pm

Even though this video has to use subtitles, you don’t need to know what he is saying to be amazed at how creative this street magician is in Japan.  This is such a great example of creative use of technology.  We did something similar with our voice simulator.


We used a live audience and Improv Professionals to create on the fly a simulated role-play.  The audience was asked to give the improvisors ideas on what the role-play should be.  The audience decided that the role-play should be trying to sell alligator shoes to nuns.  Then they had 8 minutes to write what they nun would be saying to the other person in the role-play, record it and upload it into our voice simulation studio.

Then a volunteer from the audience called the simulator and tried to sell these shoes to the nun.  Here is a audio recording of this role-play from the audience.

Selling Alligator Shoes to Nuns (You can try this yourself on our demo page)


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