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College Graduate RolePlay

College Graduate Interview Simulator


Help your new college graduates arm themselves with the right skills to becoming employed!  Our role-play simulator will allow them to practice answering common questions to an interview and then listen to the recorded conversation to critique their answers and how they came across to the interviewer.

Click this link to access a sample page that contains our common simulations.

To find out how you can purchase the simulator or provide access to your students, contact us (630) 221-8759



How do we provide access to our students? You can use our pre-created interview simulation.  We will provide you with a link that can be emailed or placed on a web page for your students to access.
Can I create my own set of questions? You can create your own set of survey questions or we can record them for you.  This is helpful with more specialized degrees.
How can I track if anyone is using this? The simulator provides you with access to usage reports that provide total calls, length of each call, name of the simulation and unique identifier for each call.