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Sales Simulation

Anxious Nerd

Do the words “Role-Playing” send fear into your sales team?


So let’s stay away from that term, how about sales simulator?  Whatever you want to call it, our Mobi-RolePlay tool allows you to build customized conversations that your sales people can practice from any phone.
The Mobi-RolePlay tool allows your employees to practice responding to objections, stating your key selling points, or getting past that gate keeper – all skills that even seasoned sales people should practice on a regular basis.

“One of our biggest challenges is getting our telesales reps effectively trained so that they are prepared for the hostile environment that comes with cold calling.  To help with this, we implemented Mobi-RolePlay to build scenarios for our callers to go through not only extensively before they make even one single cold call, but they also go through the role play scenarios as they begin their day to warm up and get back in the groove.  The result has been a better trained telesales team that not only is delivering better results, but we have also seen a decrease in sales staff turnover which has delivered an ROI that does not show up on the financial statements.”

Quick Sample -Try one of our sample role-plays from the drop down menu.  Your phone will ring and you will begin the simulation.   Then listen to your own recording from the audio file that will be emailed directly to you.


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