Sony was what Apple is today — How their Leadership Failed

By nmunro
May 2, 2012 3:54 pm

I friend of mine, Adam Hartung,  is a top online columnist for Forbes.  In a recent post Sayonara Sony: How Industrial, MBA-Style Leadership Killed a Once Great Company over 97,000 people have read this post.  In summary, Sony forgot how to be innovative and fell into making products for the sake of manufacturing products vs. being innovative and pioneering new markets like Apple is doing today.

Look at how many companies are falling into the same pattern.  Most of this is due to pressures of not taking risks, watching the bottom line and “sticking to your core”.

I’d like to say that KnowledgeShift is not falling into this pattern.  We are taking a risk ourselves when we realized our voice simulation tool had tremendous potential for use as a speech therapy tool in addition to helping improve professional conversations.

So you can see how we are branching out and creating new markets for Children and Adults who have Autism.  Visit our Mobi-RolePlay Site to see how we are disrupting ourselves to support a growing market need for helping these people with improving their Social Conversations.


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