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In this week’s show, Nancy and Allison talk about how to blend social media – like tools into your training events and reinforcement activities.  They discussed a couple of other resources as posted below.  One really nice tool that they discussed was a grid showing what shifts in training and KM when social media is used.  Credit for this chart goes to Dan Pontefract blog (post below) I wasn’t sure what a tetrad was so here is the definition I like – A group of four cells, as of spores or pollen grains, formed by division of one mother cell.



Let them build it and they will come – provide the tools and see how people use it first

Tools for sales training

More details on Web 2.0 chart

 Upcoming webinar “Create your own Siri for Employee Engagement

Nancy and Allison discuss whether or not you should use social media tools for training.  One book discussed was “New Social A Guide to Transforming Organizations using Social Media” by Tony Bingham, Marcia Conner


Some of the sites discussed included

Rapid eLearning Blog